Workshops, Seminars and Facilitated Experiences

There are a variety of Leadership Development & Organizational Excellence Training™ workshops and keynote speeches that can be catered, customized, and personalized to meet the needs of your organization.

Workshops range from 1 to 6 hours and provide hands-on learning opportunities for managers and team members to explore aspects of communication, leadership, team building, diversity and change.

Contact one of our team members, and Paul Draper will assess your needs and recommend a customized proposal that is suited to your organization.

Communication & Understanding

Intensive, Transformational Session for Leaders

Session Overview

Communication & Understanding is focused on bringing together leaders within the organization to learn about topics that include: roles and responsibilities, team dynamics, communication, diversity, and motivation.


Identifying motivation, learning styles, similarities, and differences


Creating unity through culture and interpersonal dynamics

Performing Leadership

Writing speeches, overcoming obstacles, and presenting new ideas

Communication & Understanding is the foundational session for organizations invested in achieving lasting transformation.

Essential Team Building

Creating Dynamic & Efficient Teams

Session Overview

Essential Team Building involves bringing together groups of people whose jobs depend upon each other even though they may or may not directly interact with each other. Participants address a variety of issues that include: empathy, pain point awareness, corporate culture and non-verbal cues, all of which create a greater understanding of community while training team members to become a chief and leader in the organization.

Conflict Resolution

Exploring and implementing models of effective conflict resolution

Communication Energizer

Demonstrating effective team and leader communication techniques

Essential Team Building takes the work achieved by your key leaders and brings it to the staff level.

Diversity Summit

Creating Unity by Celebrating Diversity

Session Overview

The Inter-Departmental Diversity Summit brings together individuals from various departments throughout the organization. It is a celebration of the community over the course of two days. Participants will achieve a sense of pride in themselves and their work within the organization. The workshop incorporates elements of performance and public speaking by having each attendee share their story within the context of group presentations.

Team Unification

A celebration of community and understanding

Collaboration & Sharing

An opportunity for departments to present key issues within their team

The Inter-Department Diversity Summit is a high impact option for larger, complex organizations needing to optimize employee engagement across larger groups and makes an excellent complement to a multi-day schedule.

Leading Through Change

Techniques & Tools That Instill Understanding, Acceptance, and Creativity

Session Overview

Leading Through Change brings together groups that are facing change, whether it be organizational or technological.  The session allows them to identify the steps needed to overcome, embrace, and thrive in times of transition.

The Difficulty of Change

Overcoming the fear of changing roles, responsibilities, and new technologies.

Creating Empathy

Looking at team dynamics, individuals, and motivational techniques for change.


Enjoying the success and opportunities of adaption and modernization.

If your organization is experiencing "change stress," ask Paul Draper about adding this component to your training program.

Learn to Juggle / Learn Magic

An energizing and kinesthetic hands-on activity

Session Overview

Learning to juggle or perform a magic effect is a fantastic activity for a group that needs to be energized and have an opportunity to be physically stimulated after hours of meetings. In a very short time, everyone attending this session will have a new skill for the rest of their lives and their own set of juggling balls or magic trick to take home that will help them to remember this event forever.

Learning new ideas and technology

Overcoming the fear of change through play and learning new skills


A fun, engaging and physical activity that teaches the lesson: We can learn new tricks at any age.

If your group is afraid of learning new systems and technology or simply needs to have some fun together, this session works as a powerful tool to emphasize that anything is possible!

Organizational Efficiency Reporting

A Fresh Look at Your Organization

Team, Department, or Organization

Time Requirements Vary Upon Need

Service Overview

Paul Draper provides an in-depth assessment of the organization, specifically on areas that include: efficiency, team dynamic, corporate culture and communication. This assessment also provides insight into areas for improvement while giving executives a direct understanding of the current organization's strengths and weaknesses throughout various departments.